Master List of Freebies Sites

So I am going to make a master list of all of the sites of where to get freebies and product testing absolutely for free! There are different kinds of freebies offerings like some companies sometimes offer freebies as some kind of promotion while other word of mouth marketing companies offer full-sized products in exchange for a product review of some sort.

Best Websites to find freebies:

1. SlickDeals

Slickdeals Pic

This is by far the best website for finding the best deals and also for finding freebies! If you haven’t heard of this website, check this out because they are always up to date with deals, they offer daily giveaways, have an awesome and friendly community, and have a great freebie section.

There are two freebies sections within this website, one in the deals section and one in the forums. The freebies section in the forums is the more up-to-date and has a greater number of deals than the freebies section on the deals page so if you want to find all of the freebies, then go to the forums, but if you just want to find the best freebies, then go to the deals.

From the front page, go to forums, and then click on Freebies and that will take you to the forum Freebies section. This offers the most up-to-date freebies and if you haven’t been to this website before, the more “thumbs-up” a thread has, the better the freebie is (in essence). You have to be careful if a thread has no thumbs up because a user may just post a spam website offering bogus freebies, or people aren’t having luck getting the freebie.

This website is easy to figure out, is the greatest website for deals and freebies, but you should always read through the comments before you get the freebie or even buy the deals.

Also, be sure to check out the surveys section and the thread called “List of survey sites and focus group link“. This is a great thread detailing almost all survey sites and focus groups around the united states.

If you don’t know, survey sites are sites where you get paid to do surveys or get some sort of gift card equivalents (the pay is not that much. People usually can get upwards to $50 a week depending on how many surveys they take, more or less). Focus groups are even better where you get paid for your opinion, but you meet in-person or through a phone call (the pay is a lot better, it varies per focus group and per company, but I have been to focus groups where it was $100 for 2 hours of time. Pretty sweet :D)

SlickDeals also has an mobile app which also helps you stay up to date on their deals and freebies! 😀

2. Hunt4Freebies

Hunt4Freebies pic

This is another awesome site that always posts up-to-date freebies that companies are offering. Whether it’s free Kindle eBooks, lotion, or anything else that’s free, it will probably be here. I like this site because it is pretty up-to-date and posts the freebies in chronological order so it’s easy to see which ones you already did and which ones are new.

This site conveniently posts the promotions going on from companies all in one site so you don’t have to go through different threads like you have to in SlickDeals. This site is also pretty informative about the freebie offerings and always gives links and good descriptions on how to get the freebies. Unlike SlickDeals, there aren’t many people that comment on the freebies, but they’re usually legit (I haven’t gotten scammed or anything) so that’s cool.

This site also showcases the current sweepstakes and even organizes them by daily, weekly, one-time, etc. and also displays some popular coupons (there are better websites like SlickDeals that are better at showcasing coupons and deals though), but this site is pretty efficient with freebies.

Hunt4Freebies actually doesn’t have an app that I know of, but I favorite their page on my phone and check it several times a day.



I don’t really like the website, but they actually have an app for IOS (probably for Android too) that actually sends you alerts whenever a new freebie is available. If your not familiar with freebies, then you should know that they are usually promotions from companies and they often go REALLY FAST. This app actually helps me stay on top of the latest freebie deals.

The alert time isn’t instantaneous, but it is pretty fast. Maxboost was doing a promotion of giving 100 cases a day at a random time of day, and I got an alert about 1-2 minutes after they posted on facebook from this app that stated that Maxboost was giving away cases. With this app, I was able to snag some free cases and a bunch of other popular freebies.

However, this website/app doesn’t really list ALL the deals, which is still why I check SlickDeals and Hunt4Freebies.


Best Combination: Checking SlickDeals (preferably their freebie forums on their website), checking Hunt4Freebies, and using the app to make sure you get the alerts whenever a new freebie is available. So even if your at school or work, you still get a vibration or alert noise whenever there is a new freebie!


Best Word of Mouth Advertising Companies

Word of Mouth Advertising Companies usually offer full-sized products (as opposed to mainly sample sizes found in those freebie sites), in exchange for some product review of some sort.

1. BzzAgent

BzzAgent pic

This is the largest and most impressive word of mouth advertising companies. For this company, you have this BzzScore and the higher the score, the more you get invited to cool product testing. How this company works is that you fill out surveys so they can qualify you for products, then you get an email whenever you qualify for a new product. Once you get the product, you write your honest opinion about it and then you repeat. This company is probably the most reputable and legit word of mouth company because it has campaigns very often and is connected with numerous companies such as Kroger and you can link it to your Facebook and Twitter to increase your score. This company gives pretty awesome products too 😀

2. PINCHme

Pinchme pic

This is another site where you take surveys so that the company can tailor products to you. Every other Tuesday, they have a sampling Tuesday that starts at 12 pm EST so you have to log in right in time because the samples go really fast. This is smaller sized then BzzAgent products, but it doesn’t make you do as much stuff as BzzAgent. All you have to do is like a 30-second survey rating the product after you try it.

PINCHme is actually trying to improve its system because it has a whole lot of participants now because I used to get a lot of samples every Tuesday, but now it changed to every other Tuesday and I barely get products now. They are partnering with numerous organizations such as Amazon Prime and they will probably improve their system.

3. Influenster

Influenster Pic

I didn’t really try this website yet, but it is along the same lines as BzzAgent. You have to be more active and the more active you are, the more products you get to test (They call it VoxBox’s). You do activities to get badges relative to your lifestyle and then get products tailored to your badges. Also, you have an influenster score which is the sum of the number of facebook friends, twitter followers, etc. and the higher the score, the more products to test.

4. HouseParty

Houseparty PIc

This company makes applications for people to throw parties using the products they provide. For example, they recently had applications for the HASBRO Simon Swipe Game and they give you the Simon Swipe Game, some batteries, and some old Hasbro games such as the Bob-it’s. This company gives the most stuff, but it also asks for a lot of stuff too. It varies per party, but I have heard that you have to take pictures for most of them to make sure you actually threw a party using the products, but this is also the company that gives the best stuff. I saw some campaigns that give out coffee makers or soda makers and stuff so that’s pretty awesome and it’s a great excuse to have a social hangout.

It’s also worth mentioning that Houseparty has another subsection called Chatterbox which is quite similar to houseparty, but you don’t need to have an actual party, you could just use the product yourself. So these are more personal items such as shaving products or acne cream and stuff like that.

5. Tomoson

Tomoson Pic

For this company, you need to have a blog because you basically test products and review it on your blog. I have heard that you don’t necessarily HAVE to have a blog, but I have also heard that you can’t get any products to test unless you actually have a blog.  I don’t have too much information on this, but I am going to start using this company as well and add to this later.

6. Toluna

Toluna Pic

For this company, they occasionally have products to test which you sign up for in a certain time period. Then from all of the people who want to test the product, the company just randomly picks people to test the product, then you just send feedback about the product back to the company.

7. Sample Squad

Sample Squad PIc

I think your starting to get the picture. The gimmick is the same for this company. You try products and then review it. I haven’t tried this website as well.

8. Impresd

Impresd Pic

This is a new company that has a new style of testing products which needs Facebook and is currently in Beta Testing. You basically just send products to your Facebook friends and then just ask your friends to do the same for you. They might expand the way they work, but they had pretty cool products too.


There are some sample programs open specifically to mom bloggers. I didn’t really list them because I am not a mom 😛

Best Reviewer Programs:

These reviewer programs are very similar to word of mouth companies, but are company-specific. Word of mouth companies have a wide range of products, while reviewer programs are a little more specific.

1. Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine Pic

This program gives top reviewers products to test in exchange for their honest review. This program is invite-only for their top reviewers and gives products to their Vine participants so that they can continue to review the products. This actually offers a wide array of product categories unlike most reviewer programs. I heard that this program is great for books and almost all reviewers have at least 100 reviews for products so get reviewing if you want to join this program.

2. Maxboost VIPU Reviewer Program

Maxboost Pic

This is a reviewer program specifically for Maxboost. If you haven’t heard of this company, it is basically like Mophie so it makes battery cases, regular cases, colorful cases, and a bunch of electronic items so all of the products you will have to review are, you guessed it, electronics or cases.  I actually love this company because they have great customer service, offer numerous freebies (like their facebook page to find out 😀 ), and are comparable to their competitors in every way if not more. To qualify for this, you have to have a record of giving thoughtful Amazon reviews for their products. I have received a free iPhone 5/5S/5C Battery case and a portable charger which would have costed me over $100 in retail price for free!!! Pretty awesome 😀


You can basically get freebies for any company by telling them that you will review their products on a blog or some platform and usually companies are pretty lenient. It helps to have a large blog traffic so that companies can see the return on their investment.


If you know of anything that is not listed on this site, just tell me and I will add it to the list 😀


Be sure to like and share to help your friends out 😀

Don’t keep all of the freebies to yourself 😉



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