TSS Men’s T5009HC5 Automatic Skeleton Watch Review

Overall: This is an awesome-looking automatic watch that has a great price, a skeleton view, and a black stainless steel band which really helps compliment the gold and blue accents of the watch. The style of the watch is pretty original and it looks great as an everyday watch or as a casual dress watch. This does have an automatic watch movement so it is great for entry level automatic watch enthusiasts or people who just want a cool looking watch at a good price! Overall, really impressed with this watch!


  • Great design and aesthetics- First thing’s first, the design and look of the watch is pretty remarkable. It looks really nice on my wrists and definitely stands out to others with its gold and black design. One nice little flair that this watch has is that the glass of the watch is actually blue when light is reflected on it which really makes the watch pop out. The black stainless steel band does a good job complimenting the colors of the watch as well! I am a sucker for skeleton views because it really shows the intricacy of the watch and the visibility of the inner mechanisms of the watch moving around really make this a great watch!
  • Automatic movement- This watch has an automatic movement for keeping time which basically means that this watch is not powered by batteries, it is powered by your movement of the watch and this is what helps it keep time. This does save you on battery cost and this type of movement is actually found on higher end watches so it is great that this watch has an automatic movement at this price range.
  • Great packaging- the watch comes in nice packaging which makes it perfect as a gift. It comes with its own watch box and the watch is also securely held inside with some coverings.
  • Added bonuses- This watch also comes with some awesome bonuses which include: a watch link remover tool, a credit card knife, and a cleaning cloth. The watch link remover tool is great because you can adjust the links of the watch yourself without having to pay anybody any fees and adjust the watch to your exact wrist level. The credit card knife is pretty cool gift as well, never owned one and a cleaning cloth is an obvious nice to have.
  • Tachymeter- This watch does have a tachymeter on the bezel of the watch. The tachymeter does not move but it is just used for design and for keeping track of speeds.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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