Advanced Sleep Solutions Queen Size Memory Foam Topper 2 inch Review

Overall: This memory foam topper is awesome and great for adding a considerable amount of support and softness to my old mattress. It came very nicely packaged in a airtight packaging to prevent anything and rose to its proper size after only a day of letting it unroll and relax. This mattress topper definitely helps me sleep more comfortable and faster!


  • Comfort and support- So I have been using my old mattress for about a year or two and even though it isn’t too old, it still didn’t provide enough support or comfort for me to sleep in peace. However, when I added this mattress topper on top of my mattress, it was just perfect. It added a good amount of height to my mattress and was super soft and comfortable! I have been using this topper for a couple weeks now and it has been helping me tremendously with sleeping well and still is as comfortable as day one.
  • Tightly packaged- I really liked the packaging of the mattress topper in airtight packaging so that no bugs or dirt can come inside the topper. It was very securely packaged and refreshingly surprising.
  • Mattress covers still fit – Even though the queen sized mattress topper added a bit of height to my mattress, I was still able to put on my mattress covers comfortably even though it took a bit more effort. It also fit my bed perfectly.
  • Arrived super fast- I actually got this mattress topper the very next day, pretty great!
  • Unrolled pretty quickly- After I unrolled the mattress topper and let it sit in the living room. it inflated pretty quickly. I only left it out to rise for a day max, but realistically it was around 16 hours, but I live in a pretty warm environment.


  • None that I could discern. This mattress topper worked better then the last one I got, and it didn’t even smell when I opened it.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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