Naturalico Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Message Review

Overall: This shiatsu massager is great at neck and shoulder messages, has a great heated option, and is versatile for massaging other parts of your body! This massager also has an included car charger so you can use it in the car while driving and is great for at home or for getting your massage fix while travelling.


  • Shiatsu massage works great- I was surprised at how awesome this was at a giving me a good deep tissue massage .Ofcoarse it doesn’t compare to a chiropractic, but compared to other at home massagers I have used.
  • Heated- I like the heated option for when you want to really get in those tissues and do a deep message. Although I don’t really use it that much, it is great to have.
  • Versatile- I like how you don’t only have to use it for the neck and shoulders even though that is my favorite spot. You can use this basically anywhere on your body as long as you can hold it to get the pressure you want.
  • Travel options- With the included car charger, you can even use this in the car for your passenger, not sure I would recommend it while driving ofcoarse. With this, this makes for a good travel type massager.


  • None that I could concern. Yes, there aren’t other modes besides the shiatsu mode, but a person should only buy it if they want only shiatsu, not other modes.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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