Impecca 2 in 1 Car Adapter and 3000 mAh Power Bank Review

Overall: This is an awesome invention that is perfect for someone who always needs to charge their phones! When in the car, this is a great, standard car charger that you can use to charge your phone with your car on. However, let’s say your phone still isn’t charged, then you just take it out, and it acts like a portable charger bank and can charge your phone with it by itself! That’s pretty awesome!

So this product is great if you are looking for convenience and if you are always traveling in your car and just need to charge your phone alot. However, if you buy separately, you can get a higher end USB car charger, and a higher capacity power bank. If you just need to charge your phone alot, then this product fits the bill. This product mainly offers convenience as its main selling proposition!


  • 2 in 1 convenience- The 2 in 1 convenience that this product provides is pretty unique that I haven’t seen before. When you plug it into your car, it acts just like a standard car USB Adapter which you can use to charge your phone. When it is plugged in your car, it also simultaneously charges the power bank. So when you take it out of the car, you can use it as a regular powerbank charger and charge your phone by itself!
  • Powerbank compatibility– When out of the car and not connected to any power, this is a powerbank with a 3000 mAh capacity. So to put this in perspective, if you have a dead phone (which normally has a battery around 3000 mAh), you will get a charge up until 70% (because of loss of efficiency). This is pretty good. However, when comparing this to stand-alone powerbanks, this is similar to the capacity of a lipstick style powerbank, yet way less capacity then those bigger and bulkier powerbanks.
  • Car charger- when in the car, it has 1 USB output with over charge and over current protection. It also has a replaceable fuse just in case the fuse blows (hopefully that never happens). When comparing this to car chargers, this is definitely less high-end with less USB’s then other car chargers.
  • 1 Year limited warranty



  • Doesn’t come with any extra freebies such as cables, however, that really isn’t a reason to knock down a star as the product works well and offers alot of convenience!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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