Uvistar UC40 HD Mini Projector Review

Overall: This HD mini projector actually does a great job for being so compact in size and low in price. However, if you are expecting a super high-end projector at this price point, then look again, this is a great budget projector if you are doing casual movies, casual gaming, or casual TV watching. The projector supports hdmi, SD, and USB input and also has a built in speaker!


  • Compact size- the projector itself is definitely pretty small, the size of a standard book or so which makes it really portable!
  • Good quality picture- this projector supports 1080p HD image quality which does sound like its super high-end. However, you have to take into consideration that this is a lower-priced projector and smaller in size so make sure to have realistic expectations. If you want super high-quality, then this isn’t going to impress, however, I was pretty impressed with the picture quality. I was watching some casual movies with some friends on movie night and it turned out great. All of my friends liked it! You definitely need to have it dark to see the best projection quality, so great for movie nights for me!
  • Easy to use- the projector itself is actually really easy to use! Nothing too complicated. Calibrating it is straightforward and easy, adjusting the zoom, a breeze!
  • Multiple inputs- this projector supports multiple inputs such as USB, SD card, and HDMI input. USB input supports video output, image output, and music output. I played a movie directly from the USB port, and it played perfectly!
  • Built-in speaker- this was also a surprise to me that a lower priced projector has a built-in speaker! It is definitely not amaze-balls, but definitely good enough for a room. If you need bigger output, then the projector has a 3.5mm audio output where you could plug in a speaker or something.
  • Remote control included-  aside from there being actual controls on the projector itself, there is a separate remote control for the projector which makes it pretty convenient. I think the projector uses a standard IR remote control so you could probably just program it too (not too sure though)


  • Need to have it dark- ofcoarse, this goes in line with the realistic expectations, but this projector works best when it is dark. I can still watch it during the day, not super sunny, but in my room with the blinds closed, but it is definitely alot more clear in the dark!
  • No batteries included for the remote control – it needs 2 AAA batteries. Just wanted to point it out!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review



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