Xcellent Global Wireless RF Key Finder Review

Overall: This is a really neat way to prevent you from losing your keys and great for grandparents or busy parents who always seem to lose their keys at the wrong time. This is an extreme time saver because there is an audible beeping sound! It is also very easy to use!


  • Works well- Overall, this product works well at what it is designed to do: which is helping you find your lost keys. There is a transmitter which you can leave in a central position and there are four receivers which you can hang onto your key ring. Then, whenever a key goes missing, you just press the corresponding number and color of the missing transmitter in the key ring and there are audible beeping sounds that help you track down the keys. The beeping sound is quite loud, but not outrageously loud. The product really helps save time in finding your lost keys which is awesome!
  • Ease of use- this product is very easy to use which makes it perfect for elderly people or busy parents who are always in a rush. Nothing like those other key trackers which are sometimes a lot more complicated and not user friendly. The transmitter has big buttons which are easy to press and the receivers themselves are quite big so it makes the key ring easier to find!
  • Large range- the range goes up to 100 feet which is definitely a good distance. Works perfectly in my house and if you have a bigger house or something, then just place the transmitter in a more central location!
  • Comes with batteries- Let me just clarify, each of the receivers (the key ring ends) comes with batteries which is a huge plus because those batteries are a lot harder to find and have spares of as opposed to other batteries. The transmitter itself doesn’t come with batteries, but it uses 2xAAA batteries so it is more likely to have some spare batteries at home.
  • Added flashilight on the remote- this is great when you are trying to find things at night or in dark places or ¬†something where you can easily turn the flash light on and off.


  • The main notable flaw is that keyrings itself do have a bit of bulk to them as mentioned before. However, that is intentional because it makes the key rings easier to find and makes it perfect for elderly people!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review



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