VonShef 900W 10 Cup Digital Filter Coffee Maker with Built-in Grinder and Reusable Filter

Overall: This coffee maker is awesome and definitely an upgrade to just using paper filters and the regular coffee pot! This coffee maker has a reusable filter (to save that $$$), a built-in automatic grinder, a digital display, 10 cup capacity, a hot plate to keep your coffee hot, and you could even adjust the coffee strength! Do you already have coffee powder? No problem, you can switch it up by using the coffee powder when you want and freshly ground beans when you want!


  • Built-in automatic grinder- This is huge because having freshly ground coffee with fresh beans just makes soooo much of a better coffee then using the store bought already ground coffee powder! Coffee grinders themselves are actually super expensive so this is great that a coffee maker at this price point has a built in coffee grinder! Do you prefer a specific coffee powder flavor or just want to mix it up? That’s fine too because this coffee maker can use regular coffee powder as well!
  • Grind size adjustment- this coffee maker can adjust the grind size using the knob on the top of the machine to your preference whether you want it more course or more fine so you can fine tune it to your standards!
  • Coffee taste- the coffee tastes good, like all good coffee should! Like mentioned before, the freshly ground coffee definitely improves the coffee taste!
  • Adjustable Coffee Strength- You have three strength settings for your coffee, you can make either weak coffee, medium coffee, or strong coffee which is a pretty neat feature!
  • 10 cup capacity- This coffee maker can make from 2 cups up to 10 cups which is great when you either just want a small amount of coffee or want to create a big batch of coffee! The glass pot also has indicators of the cup size which is pretty convenient and so does the water reservoir in the back!
  • Water Reservoir in the back- The build in water reservoir in the back is actually pretty convenient because it doesn’t take up much space! Also, it is pretty cool because on the right side of the water reservoir, there is a see through window which has indicators of the water level so you know when to refill!
  • Reusable filter- Now this is where this coffee maker helps you save money on buying those paper filters every time! It comes with a reusable filter which is easy to clean and if you prefer to still use a filter, you can stack the filter on top of the reusable filter
  • LCD Digital Display and Easy to Operate- The digital display on the coffee maker makes it very convenient to see everything and gives it a more modern appeal! You can set the time on the digital display and everything. The entire machine is pretty easy to operate because of the large buttons and the digital display!
  • Autostart function- You can set the machine to autostart at a specified time which is pretty neat if you want to delay or set a certain time as to when to start brewing your coffee!
  • Hot Plate- The glass pot rests on a hot plate which helps keep the coffee hot for up to 35 minutes! This is good for when you are preparing breakfast and can’t drink the coffee immediately
  • Clear Glass Coffee Pot- Ofcoarse this coffee maker comes with a clear glass coffee pot with markings that indicate how many cups of coffee it has
  • Free Coffee Spoon- Everybody loves a freebie and this little coffee spoon is just the cutest thing ever!
  • Aesthetic Appeal and Space Saver- Finally, this coffee maker definitely looks really nice and modern! It is really well designed and makes a perfect addition to any modern kitchen! This coffee maker actually saves quite a bit of space because it has a good amount of height to it, but not a lot of width which is awesome! Also, because it has a built-in grinder, it saves even more space because you don’t need two separate appliances now!


  • Honestly, nothing I could come up with! It does a great job at making coffee, saving space, looking nice, and saving money!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review




One thought on “VonShef 900W 10 Cup Digital Filter Coffee Maker with Built-in Grinder and Reusable Filter

  1. This coffee machine is not up to par, while using whole beans, it will clog in the grinder and never make it to the filter and this is after only 3 pots. It may have ” the cutest little spoon” but that’s it. If you want to use just “powered” coffee, it will work, better off buying a plan old Mr Coffee, don,t waste your money on this…PLEASE! P.S. If this was given to me free, I would not even consider given it to the thrift shop.

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