Need some tips for new review site

Hey guys! So I am planning on making a new reviews site dedicated towards product reviews, kinda like this one but a million times better.

So I want a website where viewers/others can also post reviews of the products I review and add their own reviews so if anyone knows of any plug ins I should use then that would be a huge help. And a good theme to correlate. I am using wordpress to publish the site and it’s going to be an actual site, not just this free blog.

So I want it to be like a community where anyone can write and publish their reviews on the site and other people can add on to that review. So for example, let’s say I review some headphones and give it 7/10 or something. Then other people should be able to review it and give their own rating in the same review post for the same headphones. However, when people see the review  post for the headphones, then I want it to show both the author’s review “7/10” and the average of anyone else’s reviews so let’s say the average other people that reviewed it gives “8.3/10” or something. Make sense? I want it to be pretty interactive! Let the people be heard!

I think the presentation of the review post is important as well so I would greatly appreciate your help!

Also, I kind of need help determining what categories I should tag my posts in. Any advice would be super helpful!


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