Panda Mini Portable Washing Machine with Spin Basket Review

Overall: This portable washing machine works great and is ideal for college students, apartments, for elderly people, or anyone needing a compact washing machine! The washing machine has a 5.5 pound capacity, includes a spin basket, is really easy to operate, washes really well, and is portable!


  • Easy to use and washes well – This portable washing machine is very easy to use and washes clothes pretty well! All you have to do is just add water (with the included pipe), add your clothes, add soap/detergent and that’s it! You just turn the washing machine on! After your set timer, it automatically turns off. The water is easily drained out from the pipe when you set it down! I washed a couple of shirts in this and they cleaned right on up! Because this is really easy to use, my grandmother actually prefers to use this rather then the washing machine!
  • Portable – The main thing that sets this washing machine apart from the rest (aside from the ease of use) is that it is portable which makes it great for college students, people in apartments, or even people that just need a spare washing machine. It is good sized (not too small), yet not too large and doesn’t weigh too much!
  • 5.5 pounds capacity- The capacity on this portable washing machine is pretty good considering that it is portable! Ideally, this is great for shirts, underwear, socks, towels, etc. I could probably fit a good couple of shirts, underwear, and socks in this! Ofcoarse, you don’t want to overfill this with water or clothes because that just diminishes the cleaning effect!
  • Included spin basket- the spin basket is a really nice add on because after you just wash your clothes, you just drain the water, and could put the clothes in the spin basket and spin dry it! However, just note that this doesn’t fully dry the clothes, it just removes the excess water! We usually just hang up our clothes outside after the spin dry and thats it!


  • The only con I could think of is that the knob that you turn for the timer doesn’t have a clear marker for time. It is pretty easy to guesstimate, but a marker would have been helpful! Nothing major though, the washing machine itself works wonders!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review




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