Vonshef 14 Speed 450W Blender Review

Overall: The blender is awesome!! It is very powerful, great for making smoothies, shakes, frapps, and anything else you need. It has 14 speeds for all of your needs, 48 oz capacity, and a modern design!


  • Powerful- The blender itself is pretty powerful, great for all of your blending needs: smoothies, frapps, shakes, marinades, etc. The blender was powerful enough to make all of my smoothies smooth and not chunky.
  • 14 speeds- So there are 7 modes with two speeds each. So this combined makes a total of 14 speeds.The speeds are: crush ice, grate, blend, shred, grind, mash, frappe, pulse, clean, stir, beat, puree, chop and mix functions. Seems pretty all inclusive in terms of function and especially good compared with my last blender with only one mode/speed.
  • The lid is fully sealed and there is also a measuring cup on the lid so that is pretty handy. You could also take off the measuring cup and add ingredients from the opening on the top.
  • Large- The blender has a 48oz/1.5L glass blending jug which seems pretty good capacity. There are definitely blenders with bigger capacity but this one works efficiently for me.
  • Design- I like the color scheme and design of this blender! Looks modern and definitely up to par with those high end blenders!


  • Not dishwasher safe- This is pretty common for most heavy duty glass blenders. This just makes cleaning a little more inconvenient, but still a con worth pointing out. How you clean it now, is that after you are done blending, you just add water, a little bit of soap, and then press the clean button on the blender.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review




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