Vonshef Quad Waffle Maker Review


Overall: This waffle maker is awesome! It makes four waffles at a time (duh), has an indicator light, nonstick surface, and a cool touch handle!! I previously had one of those travel waffle maker that makes two waffles and I like this one alot better!


  • Waffle Maker- Who doesn’t love the convenience of a waffle maker! You can make fresh waffles every morning (if you’re like me) and no more soggy waffles from reheating the frozen waffles! It is more cost efficient and you can customize it the way you like! I personally make cinnamon chocolate chip waffles and sometimes spruce it up with some fruit (to be healthy you know)! All you have to do is preheat the waffle maker, make your batter (which I just use store bought pancake mix and just add water), spray with a little bit of nonstick spray, and then put that batter in. Preheating is usually done pretty fast, like a couple of minutes, so I plug in the waffle maker first, make the batter, and by the time I finish making the batter, the waffle maker is all preheated and ready to go! After putting in the batter, it takes anywhere from 2 -5 minutes depending on how well done you want the waffle!
  • Four waffles at a time- This is good if you have multiple people in your family that want waffles in the morning! Really cuts down time. In my old waffle maker that makes two waffles, I ate those whole two full size waffles. So imagine if you have five people in your family that you need to make waffles for, this quad waffle maker really cuts down the time.
  • Bigger- Even if you only need waffles for one person, the bigger waffle maker makes it easier to not overflow your waffle maker. Trust me, if you have one of those smaller waffle makers, you know that if you want to make two full size waffles, then you have probably overflowed the waffle maker numerous times. When I got this, I didn’t want to eat four full size waffles, but I just used the same batter as my original two full size waffles, but just made four mini waffles which makes overflowing the waffle maker impossible!
  • Indicator light- There are two indicator lights, red and green. When you plug in the waffle maker the indicator light is red, when it is done preheating the light turns green. When you put the batter in, the light is red, then when its done, it lights green. However, you can obviously heat it more depending on how well done you like it!
  • Easy to clean- Because its nonstick, the waffle maker is easy to clean as long as it doesn’t overflow! Usually I don’t even clean it afterwards because nothing is left over. If you do something messy, then ofcoarse its going to get messy. I used to put chocolate chips inside the waffles, but it got messy (the chocolate stuck to the top or bottom), so I just put them on top of the waffles after I make them.


  • Nothing I can think of, does a great job of what its made to do!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review



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