VonHaus Oscillating Tower Heater Fan with Remote Review

Overall: I love this heater! It does an extremely good job heating, LCD Touch Screen Display, modern display, compact, comes with a remote control, and even has a cool air function to make it a year-round appliance!


  • Great job heating- Comparing this with my last tower heater, this does a way better job of heating up my room with a greater heat output! My room heated up very quickly even though it was a very windy day today!
  • Two heating modes- There are two levels of heating, one is 900W and the other is 1500W. When there is only one sun on the display, that is the 900W mode, and when there are two suns on the display, that is the 1500W mode.
  • One cooling mode- When there is no sun in the display, that is the cool air mode! Honestly, that is super awesome because with the cool air mode, this appliance becomes a year round appliance. The cool air for the summer, and heating for the winter!
  • 50 degree oscillating function
  • Temperature adjustment- This heater has a pretty vast range of temperatures which ranges from 57F – 97F. Pretty cool considering my previous heater only went up to 80ish. You can also change the temperature display from Celsius to Farenheit!
  • Timer- The timer goes up to 8 hours which is great for those cold nights!
  • Compact- This heater is surprisingly compact. It is thin and a lot smaller then the other heaters. About 2 feet in height (22 inches to be exact)!
  • Modern Design- This heater really stands out from the other heaters with its modern and sleek design! The touchscreen, LCD display really gives it the modern look!
  • Remote control- The remote control makes it really convenient to change the temperature and modes while far away! And better yet, the remote control comes installed with batteries already, super plus!


  • Volume – I feel like there is mainly one con that is worth pointing out and that is the volume. Not the volume of the heater when its on, because even though it does have quite a bit of volume, that is normal with heaters/AC. I mean the beep noise whenever you change anything like changing the temperature or changing the mode. The beep is kind of loud. It’s obviously not a big problem and shouldn’t really be a problem at all if you’re living alone or in the daytime, but if someone is sleeping, then the beeping noise might bug them.
  • The other cons that other people have mentioned aren’t too big of a deal. Notably, the lack of a temperature down button. All you have to do is use the temperature up button to pass the highest temperature (97F) and it will start from the bottom (57F).

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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