VonShef 2.2L Air Fryer Review


Overall: This VonShef Air Fryer is seriously awesome!!! It makes great, crispy, juicy food just like when it is deep fried, but without using all of oil! For most frozen foods, like frozen chicken wings, you don’t even need to add any oil, but for fresh french fries made from fresh potatoes need at most 1 tablespoon of oil!  The air fryer itself has a 2.2L capacity, looks great on a kitchen counter, is extremely versatile and can make everything from meat to dessert, is a quality air fryer at a bargain of a price, and is great for making foods healthier when compared to deep frying without losing the crispiness offered by deep frying the food!


  • Air frying capabilities- First thing’s first, let’s talk about what air frying is and why it’s so awesome! So air frying uses hot air circulation to cook meats, snacks, seafood, and whatever else you want to make it crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside just as it would when be as if it were deep fried! For most foods, you don’t really need any oil! If the thing has natural fat in it, you don’t need to put any oil on it! If it doesn’t have any oil on it (or you just want it extra crispy), then at most you should add one tablespoon of oil. So for fresh french fries, you should add one tablespoon of oil. Another thing that is awesome about air frying as opposed to deep frying is that you can use healthier oils which you can’t do while deep frying because those oils will burn up!
  • Versatility- So although the air fryer was made as a healthier alternative to deep frying and it does a great job at that! However, if you do a quick look online for air fryer recipes, you can see that you can cook tandoori chicken, steak, fancy seafood, all kinds of meat, cakes, brownies, samosas and literally thousands of more recipes. This is super awesome because you can literally make everything in this air fryer: breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks. Like seriously, this is an awesome all-in-one appliance!
  • Bargain price, but still quality build- What sets the VonShef air fryer from the other Air fryers in the market is that it has an bargain price compared to other brands and is still made as a quality air fryer. The VonShef airfryer is well built, it works just as well as the more expensive air fryers such as the main branded Phillips fryer!
  • Temperature control- You can adjust the temperate anywhere between 176 F to 392 F. One thing that I would like to point out, to a random person you might think “Why have such random intervals like 392F”, but this is actually another positive factor of this specific VonShef airfryer because the Air Fryer is really popular in Europe and Asia, so most recipes are in Celsius. So this airfryer does a great job of allowing the US consumers to easily convert the temperature to Celsius because 392F is actually 200C.
  • Timer with auto shutoff – You can have a timer all the way up to 60 minutes and it automatically shuts off after the timer stops! It beeps when the timer is up too which is also awesome if you’re in another room!
  • Detachable frying basket- The frying basket is detachable with a safety cover button over the detach button so you don’t accidentally detach the frying basket! The detachable frying basket is a good feature so you can easily clean and shake the basket!
  • Added food seperate accessory- As you can see from the picture, this airfryer comes with a food seperator accessory that you can put into the basket. This is great when you want to air fry two different things at the same time such as fries and wings, or wings and shrimp.
  • Easy to clean-With all of your air frying creations, it comes down to the worst part of the cooking process: cleaning. However, the air fryer is actually really easy to clean. The basket is easy to clean and the holder is easy to clean as well. I just rinse with some soapy water and everything is brand new! Also, the frying basket is dishwasher safe which makes it super easy!
  • My first air frying experience- My first experience with this air fryer was to air fry wings (which is a classic) and some butterfly shrimp. I preheated the air fryer to 392F for 3-5 minutes and then I put the fully frozen wings and butterfly shrimp in the air fryer at 356F for 28 minutes (I kind of like my wings crispy, they were basically done in 20 minutes). I didn’t put any oil on either of the shrimp or wings, however, I made a mistake, I should have put some oil on the shrimp. I took out the basket two times every 10 minutes to shake it up. At the 20 minute mark, I put some oil on the shrimp. The final result, the wings came out perfect. They were crispy on the outside, and juicy and tender on the inside! My wings were already preseasoned when frozen and they retained the flavor really well! I messed up with the shrimp by not putting oil, but even then, they did come out crispy and cooked well. I think they could have been put in for an extra 5 minutes, but I still ate them and they turned out well! I’m super excited to try out more recipes! This air fryer is perfect for the bachelor who just wants to buy frozen wings from the grocery store and throw them in the fryer to get perfectly fried wings every time!
  • Aesthetic- This air fryer definitely looks super sleek and has a great design in the kitchen! Has an extremely modern look!
  • Air vent in the back of the fryer to release excess heat



  • I couldn’t come up with any cons for the air fryer! Some things to know though, this air fryer is quite big so you do need room on your kitchen counter. Also, it is not entirely quiet, it does have a pretty loud noise when on so just to be aware. It also releases steam which is totally normal so don’t be alarmed when steam gets released in the back side.

I’m super stoked for this air fryer! Perfect for a single bachelor who doesn’t know how to cook like me!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review





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