Wacces Pull Up Bar and 11 pcs Resistance Band Review

Overall: This kit has everything! An awesome pull up bar with multiple positions for pull ups and an awesome 11 piece of resistance bands with a door anchor, two foam handles, and two ankle straps! The added travel case makes it great for traveling and for keeping everything tidy!


  • Pull Up bar- The pull up bar is awesome because it has soo many grips and positions which you could choose! Adds a lot of variety to your pull ups! The installation was very straight forward and the bar itself is very sturdy! I like the foam padded grip which is easier on your hands!
  • Quality Resistance Bands- The resistance bands themselves are definitely quality resistance bands. They are the perfect length for all of the resistance band workouts. I’ve used them for numerous exercises all this week and they work perfectly! There is a tremendous variety of workouts that you can do with resistance bands!
  • Door Anchor- The door anchor combined with the pull up bar give you endless possibilities of workouts! Like literally! They open the door for possible workouts as you can do chest butterflies, ab workouts, everything. Door anchor is also very easy to use and very sturdy!
  • Two Foam Handles and two ankle straps- The foam handles are nice and essential for workouts, comfortable to hold. The ankle straps are good for your leg based workouts!
  • Different levels of resistance- I love how there are 5 levels of resistance and they are color coded. The black being the most difficult. This is really awesome because I can use the black one for biceps and chest workouts, while I can use one of the lighter ones for shoulders and vary the degree of difficulty accordingly.
  • Travel Case- The travel case is an awesome addition! All of the 5 resistance bands fit perfectly in them and is great for traveling and for keeping everything tidy so you don’t have 5 resistance bands lying around


  • Nothing I could come up with. This is a great all in one kit for your house!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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