BUREI Men’s SM-13001-P01AY Watch Review

Overall: This watch has a beautiful simplistic design with its crisp white face, day and date functions, and black leather band which makes it perfect for wearing it as an everyday dress watch! It is a Japanese Quartz movement, water resistant up to 30 meters, and the silver accents make the watch very appealing! It also makes a great gift because it is very nicely packaged!


  • Elegant, simplistic design- I really love the design of this watch! It has a simple, yet elegant design which makes it perfect for an everyday dress watch! It really stands out because it is crystal white and has a big face so it definitely catches the eye of other people very quickly. The silver accents really compliment the black band and the crisp white face.
  • Japanese Miyota Quartz movement- This watch is a quartz watch which means it is powered by batteries. It does a great job keeping time.
  • Scratch resistant and water resistant up to 30 meters.
  • Gift Packaging- This watch is packaged really nice as it comes in its own watch case and also includes the warranty and instructions.
  • Day and Date functions- This watch also clearly shows the day of the week and the date which comes in really handy! For the week, you have an option of having the week days in spanish or english.


  • None that I could discern. With all watches there are personal preferences, but the watch functions very well and I am fond of the aesthetic appeal of this watch!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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