Badasheng BDS-939G Gaming Headset Review

Overall: This gaming headset is awesome because of its multi-compatibility, quality, and price!


  • Multi-compatibility- It is pretty awesome that this gaming headset works for everything: PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Xbox One (if you have an adapter). That makes this headset extremely convenient because I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and obviously a PC so an all-in-one solution is exactly what I need.
  • Sound quality- The sound quality is awesome, clear and really immersive! I was playing COD and Destiny and it is great for shooters where you need to hear footsteps or know where the enemy is! This headset allows you to listen to game and chat at the same time and can adjust both those volumes.
  • Setup- The setup was pretty easy as long as your TV allows an HDMI and RCA cable input for the same video input.  My TV was pretty whack and didn’t have a TV RCA jack so I had to get creative with the Xbox 360 by using the RCA cables and the HDMI at the same time (so only the xbox 360 setup is whack if your TV is whack). I think the setup for PS3, PS4, PC, and Xbox One is easier then the Xbox 360 though.
  • Comfort- the headphones are pretty comfortable. I wore them for like 3 hours and it didn’t get too uncomfortable. They have cushions on the top of the headset.
  • Detachable Microphone- Great feature so its easier to take the headset to go.


  • I think the microphone output quality could be a little better, but it is sufficient for everyone to hear me when playing Xbox.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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