TNTi PS4 Arc Charger Review

Overall: This arc charger is a great charger for your PS4 controllers as it can charge 4 controllers at once (2 on the base, 2 using the USB’s on the side of the base), has lights to tell you when your controller is charged, and is aesthetically appealing.


  • Charges 4 controllers at once- This is great because you will at most need 4 controllers for your PS4 and this charger is capable of charging all of them at once. Two of the controllers are able to charge on the base itself and the remaining two charge with the USB outlets on the side of the base.
  • Lights to tell you when fully charged- The LED lights flash red when the controller is charging and it lights solid green when its fully charged.
  • Anti slip base to ensure that the charger doesn’t easily move
  • Charge time- It charges two controllers simultaneously within three hours which is pretty good.
  • Aesthetically appealing- It has a stylish design which looks cool and doesn’t top over so thats definitely a plus.
  • You can charge the charger using a regular USB or using the AC adapter


  • Couldn’t come up with any. Works well for what its designed to do.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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