Homeleader Personal Blender Review

Overall: This blender is pretty neat! It is great for a person on the go, the actual blender container can be transformed into a plastic bottle with a lid, and it is compact!


  • Compact- One of the main benefits that this blender provides is that it is compact. The blender itself is pretty small and lightweight as compared to ordinary, bulky blenders that are left on the kitchen counter. The blender container is slim and lightweight as well. This makes it great for travel
  • Convertible into a plastic bottle- So the blender container is actually made out of BPA-free plastic so as soon as you are done blending, you can flip it over, take off the blade portion, attach the travel lid that this blender comes with and wala! it becomes a plastic water bottle!
  • It also has a 500 mL marking on the bottle itself so you know how much to fill it to when blending and how much smoothie you are drinking. In terms of capacity, it has a capacity bigger than 500 mL, probably around 550 mL.
  • Works well- I tried it and made a regular smoothie out of it perfectly. Didn’t have any trouble and works well in creating those simple on the go smoothies! Great for someone living an active or traveling lifestyle.
  • Easy to clean- Since the blender container/bottle is narrow and compact, it is much easier to clean in the dishwasher as opposed to cleaning those bulky blenders. I personally use this blender more than my kitchen blender because it is much easier to clean!


  • Couldn’t really think of any cons. For what its designed to do, it does well!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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