Francois et Mimi Bluetooth 4.0 Hi-Fidelity Sports Headphones Review

Overall: Really like these bluetooth headphones with its built-in microphone, wireless build, and bluetooth capability which makes it perfect for running and going to the gym!


  • Buttons for all your needs- using the buttons for music, skipping songs, answering calls, rejecting calls, is all very easy even though the earbuds only has 3 buttons. You can use this for hands-free calling, listening to music, or whatever you want. I really like how the buttons are actually on the earbuds themselves rather than on the wire, because when it is on the wire, then the buttons are hard to reach when they are at the back of your neck. This way, you can easily reach the buttons even while running.
  • Wireless and Bluetooth capability- The wireless feature of these headphones make it super awesome! You don’t need any wires because of its bluetooth capability so no more dangling wires tugging you down while you are running. This also makes the earbuds perfect for running or using it in the gym because nothing is tugging you down which really ticks me off when I’m running. It’s always pretty dangerous to have wires dangling when lifting weights and they get in your way.
  • Sound quality- the sound quality on these earbuds are definitely impressive considering the price point and that its bluetooth capability. I’m no audiophile, but the quality is pretty good to me.
  • Rechargeable- These earbuds are also easily rechargeable with double the battery than other bluetooth earbuds so it lasts you a good while (about 4-5 hours). Charges with a regular micro-usb.
  • Built-in microphone- This is pretty awesome for earbuds that are so compact in size.


  • Wish it came with a travel case.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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