Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder Review

Overall: This is my first coffee grinder that I have owner and now that I own a french press, this came at a perfect time! It does a great job and is wayyy better than using a Keurig! I love how you can adjust the fineness of the grind, the handle is removable, and that its easy to crank!


  • Removable handle- Unlike other manual coffee grinders, this has a removable handle to save that storage space when just kept in the cupboards.
  • Adjustable fineness level- You can easily adjust the level of the grind from anywhere between fine and coarse.
  • Easy to grind- Since I’m a newbie at this, the instructions were really helpful and the overall process is really easy. The large handle makes cranking really easy and it grinds pretty fast with minimum effort.
  • Design- I like the stainless steel design of this coffee grinder and that it is long and narrow, unlike the bulkier ones I have seen. I also like how it is easily cleanable.


  • You kind of have to play around with the fineness level to really know what type of grind you are really doing. It takes some experimentation, but you get the hang of it!

*I received this in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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