BriaUSA Cascade Hangers Light Blue Review

Overall: Love these awesome hangers: slim, durable, and cascading and still look nice.


  • Aesthetic Appeal- These hangers have a really nice light blue color that look great in any closet
  • High-quality and durable- No matter what you’re hanging up, these hangers do a great job. Whether its pants, dress shirts, snow hoodies, or anything else, these hangers do a pretty good job
  • Slim- The hangers are extremely slim and are the slimmest types of hangers that I have which helps saves a ton of space
  • Cascading- if you don’t know what this means (like I didn’t), it means that you can hang the hangers on top of one another with the little hook below the metal part of the hanger. So you can put all 10 on one hanger and save space when you are not hanging anything. Definitely a pretty neat feature!


  • Couldn’t really come up with any

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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