Mighty Plugs Review

Overall: These ear plugs are kind of mixed. They do a great job of blocking out sound, better than any other foam ones I’ve tried. However, they do leave some residue, they are malleable and tacky, and I’m scared for health problems of them getting stuck or damaging ear canal.


  • Blocking sound- These earplugs do a fantastic job of blocking sound. Better than any other ear plugs I have tried. I am still able to hear stuff such as when someone vacuums or when I turn the TV to loud, however, still pretty good.
  • Blocking water- I haven’t tested it, but I guess its a good feature for swimmers.
  • Moldable- So you can tailor it to your specific ear canal. You can take off pieces of the original piece for a smaller, better fit piece. I actually put the whole thing in my ear the first time and it was super uncomfortable, however, I cut it into smaller pieces and it fits alot better and feels less annoying.


  • Health Hazard- I’m scared of the health hazard about this because the ear plugs could easily get stuck into your ear or penetrate too far into your ear to cause hearing damage. My ear has had this weird noise today after taking it out.
  • Leaves residue and sticky feeling- It leaves a residue in your ear which also scares me. I shower in the morning so I clean it out with a cotton swab afterwards.

Even though I love the blocking out sound aspect of this ear plugs and used them for about two weeks, however, I stopped using it due to the health hazards.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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