Flavor Chef 6-in-1 Cooker Review

Overall: I love this small appliance and is like a portable oven/cooker which comes with a bonus silicone tong, a set of 8 baking cups, and a bunch of good recipes! I baked chocolate chip cookies and they turned out awesome! My mom also made roti (an indian type bread) and it turned out amazing! My mom was so amazed and loves this cooker as well! Going to try make a pizza next!


  • 6-in-1 capability- You can of coarse use this as a pizza cooker, oven, cooker, electric grill, steaming rice and numerous other ways.
  • Portable- This is easily portable and is great for travel and is a great and efficient appliance for college students moving into dorms. It has a good amount of weight on it, but definitely not heavy! It uses a standard electric plug for power.
  • Size- The size for the cooker is pretty good, I put a regular sized piece of paper for comparison (pictured) and it fits perfectly so I think its about 12 inches in diameter. When looking at the pictures, I thought it would be pretty small, but when it came in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised!
  • You can choose whether to heat the bottom hot plate, or both the top and bottom hot plates. You can also use the cooker fully opened 180 degrees such as for making pancakes or using it as a grill.
  • It has a timer (up to 30 minutes) and 6 different temperatures (Low, Medium, and High, Low-medium, and medium-high). The timer makes a “Ding” when its done. According to the instructions, Low temperature ranges from 212-284, Medium is between 284-356, and High is between 356-428. I baked the cookies in it at medium temperature and they turned out great!
  • Easy to clean- The non-stick surface is really easy to clean! I applied a spray before baking my cookies and nothing stuck to the surface at all, however, when my mom made her roti, she didn’t use any spray and it still didn’t stick to the surface! The cleanup is really a breeze!
  • Handle is well placed so that you don’t have to touch the hot plates.
  • Storage- Can be stored upright to save storage space.
  • Bonus accessories- Comes with a set of 8 baking cups and a silicone tong! The instructions also states that other inserts can also be purchased such as a macaroons insert or a metal grill insert.


  • I think the timer can be kind of loud when it is counting down, but that can be seen as a pro or a con because you know that the cooker is still working.

*I received this in exchange for an honest, unbiased review

IMG_0955[1] IMG_0956[1] IMG_0957[1] IMG_0958[1] IMG_0959[1] IMG_0960[1] IMG_0961[1]


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