Sentey Amplitude X360 Headphones Review

Overall: These are a great pair of inexpensive headphones that are still good-quality, have a built-in mic, and has good sound. Definitely better than those standard apple headphones or other crappy ones I’ve tried.


  • Price- I think one of the main benefits of this headphones is that it is a bargain of a price.
  • Good Sound: These have good quality sound, not outstanding, but definitely good considering the price point.
  • Microphone – Comes with a microphone perfect for calls and listening to music while you are taking your walk. I called my mom and she seemed to hear me fine.
  • Comfortable- The ear cushions are pretty comfortable and come in three different sizes. They fit my ear pretty well.


  • Doesn’t have a traveling case, but maybe I’m asking for too much at this price point. Because they don’t have a traveling case, I just throw them in my backpack and just hope I don’t lose them.
  • Just an fyi, just because the name is X360, the headphones actually don’t work for Xbox 360 as this uses the standard 3.5mm plug while the 360 uses the 2.5mm plug.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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