Zlyc Men’s Simple Design Watch Review

Zlyc Men's Simple Design Round Dial Genuine Leather Strap Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Watch


Overall: This watch is great! Has a classic, simple, and elegant design, leather strap, and a tourbillion wheel!


  • Classy, Simple, and Elegant Design- The pictures definitely show the simple and classy style of this watch which makes it perfect as a formal watch or just your everyday watch. No crowding features and is perfect for people looking for a simple watch design that has an elegant design.
  • Automatic Mechanical- So if you don’t know, the movement of this watch is automatic mechanical which means that is powered by your natural hand movement. So the watch starts working when you wear it. You only have to set the time once when you first get the watch and then as long as you wear it often, the watch will keep time. If you don’t wear it often, then you will have to wind it before use, which isn’t too troublesome.
  • Tourbillion wheel- The main reason this watch is super cool is the spinning tourbillion wheel which is at the six o clock position of the watch. If you don’t know what a tourbillion wheel is, it spins while the watch is working so it looks really cool and really catches the eyes of other people. Tourbillion wheels are also usually only found in expensive watches so it is amazing that this watch has this awesome feature!
  • Stainless steel back and genuine leather strap. The leather feels nice, stitching is nice and doesn’t have any flaws.
  • Water resistant- I didn’t test this, but great addition and it states that it is water resistance to 3 ATM.
  • Comes in a case which looks pretty nice.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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