UNU DX5 Protective Battery Case Review

Overall: This battery case is pretty awesome! Has a good capacity, and is great at protecting your phone, and has sync-through capability.


  • Good Capacity- This case has a 2300 mAh capacity which is definitely pretty good as compared to the iPhone 5 battery capacity of 1440 mAh. So it definitely doubles the battery life for your phone.
  • Protectiveness- This case protects your phone from all sides!! The raised edges prevent the screen from getting cracked and obviously the sides and back are fully protected so you don’t have to be scared to drop this phone.
  • Indicator light- It has three lights powered by one button which is used to also turn on the charger. It shows green when it is above 60% battery, then blue between 30% and 70%, and red when between 5% to 30% and flashes red below 5%.
  • Powered by micro-USB which are a lot cheaper than lightning cables so you can forget the lightning cables and stock up on the Micro-USB cables.
  • Sync-through: You can actually sync through when plugging in the micro USB cable unlike some other battery cases. So the phone automatically starts charging when you plug in the micro-USB and you can sync into your computer with just the micro-USB cable.
  • Comes with a screen protector and a headphone extender!


  • No Kickstand
  • Thickness- It easily doubles the thickness of your phone, but it is the standard thickness for battery cases for iPhone 5.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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    • Haha thanks, really appreciate it! It works better for technological products, I prefer doing a paragraph sort-of style for beauty products!

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