K2R-803 Portable Power Bank Review

Overall: The K2R-803 Cell Phone Portable Charger with flashlight is pretty awesome!! I have tried numerous other portable chargers and this one is the best one i have tried in this charger class. Good capacity, cool design, high-quality, durable, compact, dual-output, and the best part: the two free cables!!!


  • Great capacity- This portable charger has a 7800 mAh capacity which is definitely a great capacity compared to the ~1500 mAh capacity for an iPhone 5. That means you can get a good 5 full charges on your iPhone which is definitely pretty sweet
  • Compact- This portable charger is not as heavy as the other chargers nad is definitely very small for its size. Comparable to a small wallet size which easily fits into my pocket, purse, and makes it perfect for travel and for camping. I personally keep it in the car
  • LED CABLES!!!- This is definitely the best part about this portable charger that sets it apart from the rest!!! This comes with two led cables (one lightning cable and one micro usb cable) so perfect for any latest phone such as a galaxy or iPhone. These cables actually light up when you plug them in. They light up blue when they are done charging and red when they are still charging. They look super cool and are a great upgrade to my normal cables. I personally use them for the car because they make it perfect when I attempt to put the cable in my phone at night because the light helps me find the charger hole.
  • Dual-output- This charger has dual outputs, one 2A and one 1A. This portable charger is also charged with a micro USB cable which comes with the portable charger.
  • Flashlight- The flashlight really comes in handy for camping or just at night when you need to plug stuff in.
  • Cool design- This portable charger actually looks pretty cool with its design.
  • High-quality, durable- As soon as I got this portable charger, I could tell that it is definitely high-quality.
  • Easy to operate- Nothing complicated about this portable charger, just one button to see the amount of charge and the flashlight.
  • Indicator lights- It has four lights which show the current amount of charge held inside the charger.


  • I couldn’t really come up with any good cons for this portable charger. It does what it is meant to do and it does it well!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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