Macally Lightning USB Cable with Cable Management System 6ft Review

Overall: this lightning cable is amazing, MFI/Apple certified, very durable, great size, and the velcro is a great addition to the cable.


  • Great Length- This cable is double the size of the regular Apple cable. I personally use this cable in my car due to its length because it reaches the backseat and the front seat, but the length makes it ideal for any situation, especially near my bed as well.
  • Fully functional- Since this cable is MFI/Apple certified, this means that the cable works as well as an Apple lightning cable. I tested this in terms of charging my iPhone, data transfer, and syncing to the computer. Instantly starts charging and detected on my computer.
  • Cable Management System- this cable has a velcro strap attached to the USB end of the cable which is great for keeping this longer cable at a manageable level. You have the option of fully extended the cable, or tying it up with the velcro when traveling or keeping it in your bag or car. The velcro is also high-quality.
  • High-quality cable- The cable has good amount of thickness and definitely looks like its going to last a while.

* I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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