Adreamcity Wired USB Controller for PC & Xbox 360 Review

IMG_0839[1]IMG_0841[1] IMG_0842[1] IMG_0844[1]

Adreamcity Wired USB Controller for PC & Xbox 360 (Black)

This controller is perfect for gaming on the 360 or on pc. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone gave me this controller and told me it was the genuine microsoft controller.

I compared this controller side to side with my genuine microsoft controller and there are only some slight differences. The main difference about this controller and the genuine microsoft controller is that this controller doesn’t have the “X” symbol on the middle button, other than that, it looks exactly the same and works exactly the same. The hard case feels very similar to the genuine and the size and the weight of the controller are exactly the same. Also, the RB and LB make a clicking noise when pressed. However, the thumb sticks have the four dots which really help in aiming using the thumb sticks and are overall, very fluid.

I have mainly been using this as a new xbox 360 controller because my other controllers were getting really old. This controller works great and the buttons are all responsive. I actually prefer a wired controller because you don’t have to constantly keep changing/charging the batteries and the wire has a good length, I believe its the same length as the genuine microsoft controller and the length is fine for me, but you can buy an extender if necessary. The length is definitely fine for pc gaming. I also installed the controller on my windows 8 laptop and the firmware was automatically installed very quickly (less than 20 seconds to install). Works great when you want to play racing games or are used to using xbox controllers for pc games

Overall, the controller definitely feels high-quality, not a cheap knockoff of the genuine microsoft controller. Great when you need a controller for either pc or xbox 360, but don’t want to break the bank. The controller works great and seems like its going to last a while.

* I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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