Auawak Rapoo T6 Wireless Touch Mouse Review

Overall: This mouse is extremely useful and offers great shortcuts that you can utilize. The mouse is very thin, responsive, and looks great! Definitely as great as other touch mouses without breaking the bank!


  • Customization- This mouse gives you great variety to customize the mouse actions. You can record a macro on it or use the prerecorded actions that you can utilize like when you scroll up, it increases your volume, or it makes the page scroll up. This is extremely useful for people who have to do a variety of tasks so they can shortcut it through the mouse. You get to choose what action to perform based on the available gestures. You can download the manual and the driver on
  • Touch sensor- The touch sensor is actually very accurate, despite reading the other reviews. The left click and right click works seamlessly and are very responsive and without fail. I used the mac apple touch pad on mac laptops and this is WAY better!!! It is definitely comparable to the Apple touch mouse without hurting the bank. The scrolling also works great! Perfect for reading!! It doesn’t really go too fast of a scroll, as with a wheeled mouse, because you can only scroll so fast on a touch mouse so it’s not good for gaming, but perfect for reading or regular internet browsing because you have shortcuts to go forward and back from the mouse. The gestures also work smoothly!
  • Thin and cool-looking design!
  • Small USB which doesn’t bother you once you plug it in
  • Wireless- No wires to worry about, works great! I use it pretty close to my so I can’t attest to the range of the mouse, but I don’t know anyone that uses their mouse from far away from the computer. The website states that it has a 10 meter wireless transition which is definitely a good distance.
  • Battery Life- pretty good battery life. Only needs one AA battery which lasts quite a long time so you are definitely saving batteries as compared to most mouses that use 2 AA batteries.
  • Movement- The movement of the mouse is very smooth and quiet and smooth across mostly all surfaces. I even use it comfortably on my blanket on my bed.


  • Not good for gaming- For numerous reasons because you can’t really right click and left click at the same time. It’s also not as fast as a gaming mouse. Rapoo has numerous other mouses for gaming.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review


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