Crystal Wash Review + Giveaway!!!!

*Scroll down for giveaway. GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED

Are you tired of paying for detergent? Don’t you think there could be a better, more eco-friendly way of washing our clothes? Well, Crystal Wash has invented a revolutionary new way of washing clothes.

Crystal Wash is just two balls (pictured above), sized about twice the size of a tennis ball, that you can toss in your washer to effectively wash your clothes with no dyes, chemicals, perfumes, and you don’t have to put detergent in your washer anymore. The Kickstarter website has a great description of how it works.

However, a quick summary of how it works is that the crystal wash contains Bio Ceramics have two main benefits:

Every 30 day or 30 laundry loads, the Crystal Wash has to be “recharged” to make sure it keeps working properly. To recharge, all you have to do is place the crystal wash outside for an afternoon. That’s it!! And then you put it in the washer again and it works brand new, talk about eco-friendly!!

As stated before, crystal wash replaces the need for detergents. You can just put the crystal wash inside your washer and it cleans the clothes as well as detergents. However, for advanced stains, you need to add an advanced stain remover just to make sure. Also, if you want to have your clothes scented, you still need to add softener to your load.

The Crystal wash is truly a genius idea! It retails for about $50 is good for about a 1000 loads and compared to the amount of money you spend on detergent, it is definitely a steal!!

Crystal Wash isn’t stopping there, they are creating Crystal Wash 2.0!! The improvements in the 2.0 version include showing the pH levels of your wash, notifications letting you know when to recharge your crystal wash, and many other features.

They already reached their Kickstarter goal, however, you can still pledge in order to gain some great benefits such as getting a cheaper price on Crystal Wash 2.0 and just to check out the future of laundry! This is truly a great idea!

*I was given in free product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review

Are you interested in getting Crystal Wash? Well we are giving one set of crystal wash!!

Enter below! Giveaway ends 3/7/15.

**GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to Debra for winning the set! The business will contact you directly.

I’m actually not liking how this sweepstakes is set up with Tomoson. However, I can’t change it, so just feel free to submit your email and info to the Tomoson sweepstakes, but you’re not required to do the optional tasks.

I will set up my giveaways using a different method in the future, if you know of any software that runs giveaways for free, let me know in the comments below! Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Crystal Wash Review + Giveaway!!!!

  1. The giveaway didn’t require me to do much. It asked for my address. But thanks! I got the crystal wash set today! I’m excited.

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