Auawak Rapoo V600 Controller for for PS3 and PC Review

I have used numerous controllers: PS3, Xbox360, Wii U, and a bunch of random PC controllers, and all the previous gen controllers, however, I like the feel of this controller the most out of all the controllers I have used.

Overall: The Auawak Rapoo is very comfortable, works great with PC and PS3 (I didn’t try it with Android), and is built very well! All of the controls are very responsive and has a great scratch-resistant finish.


  • Super Comfortable – As you can see from the picture, the controller has side grips that keeps your hand in place while playing. Also, on the back of the controllers, there are ridges for your fingers that are perfectly placed for maximum comfort.
  • Size- I like semi-big controllers and this controller is the perfect size. It is exactly the same size as the Xbox 360 Controller. Perfectly fits my hand.
  • Controls- The controls and buttons are very responsive. The buttons are very normal to press and very responsive. The triggers and bumpers are well-designed and I like them better than the 360 controller.
  • Raised D-Pad: One of the best things about this controller is the raised D-pad which makes it perfect for fighting games if you want a regular controller and not a fight stick. Its definitely really easy to move around and definitely one of the best things about this controller besides the build quality.
  • Build Quality- This is definitely a high-quality controller. Feels great, feels scratch-resistant, and just has a great finish. Seems like its going to last a long-time.
  • Hassle-free installation: I just plugged it into my PS3 and it worked, not downloading necessary. When I plugged into my PC, it automatically started downloading the firmware without me doing anything, pretty awesome. It has two modes, the PC can recognize it as a 360 Controller and just a regular gamepad. You can press the X/D button to change the configuration. Great for PC gaming!
  • Wired: Means you don’t ever have to charge it. It has a USB output.


  • Chinese Instruction Manual: I couldn’t really read anything in the instruction manual. However, its a controller, you don’t really need a manual. I didn’t try updating the firmware to my liking but that doesn’t seem like an issue and I also didn’t try it on Android so that might help.
  • Doesn’t work on Xbox 360: I tried, doesn’t work. Would’ve been great as a multi-console gamepad, especially considering the design of this controller, but alas, it didn’t work!

Great controller!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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