Coosh 13,000 mAh High capacity Powerbank Review

Overall: The Coosh Powerbank is very well worth it. It is durable, compact (can fit into your pocket or pursue), and very high powered (13000 mAh is a lot).


  • High-powered: 13,000 mAh is really a lot of power especially from a charger of this size. An iPhone 5 has a battery of a little less than 1500mAh so this is good for about 8-9 full charges which is pretty phenomenal!!
  • Dual-port: Can charge two things at once with a dual output. One output is 1.0A and the other reaches a maximum of 2.1A so this is great for phones, tablets, and everything else you want to charge.
  • Comes with Micro-USB to USB cable. This charger is charged with a Micro-USB cable and you can also use the cable to charge an Android phone or anything that uses a Micro-USB to charge.
  • Durable: This is the most durable portable charger I have used (and I have used about 10 portable chargers). Super sturdy and I was surprised as to how heavy this charger is.
  • Fits in your pocket: This is a little bigger (length, width, and thickness) than most portable chargers that have smaller capacity, but it can still fit in your pocket so that’s definitely a plus. This is pretty small for a high-capacity charger.
  • Mine came pre-charged, but in the instructions it says that the battery is not charged so I might have just gotten lucky!


  • Pretty bulky: Like I said before, it is kind of big, but its small for its size considering that it is a high-capacity charger. I can’t comfortable fit in this charger and my phone in the same pocket, only the charger.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review


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