Betop Controller BTP-2185 and BTP-2183

These USPRO Betop Controllers are awesome!!

Overall: Great controllers for playing for PS3 and PC. Very well-built, and look like they are going to last a long time. Have wireless capability and are very easy to setup!

I have used PS3, Xbox, and PC Controllers and both of the controllers are definitely equal or even better in comparison to the build quality! The buttons are responsive, controllers are comfortable to hold, and there is no complicated setup.

In terms of compatibility, I used both of these controllers on the PS3 and the PC and they work great, particularly PS3!! I just plugged in the USB that connects the controller into the PS3 and the controller worked perfectly! Both of these controllers are also wireless which is definitely convenient!!

The 2183 Controller is pretty awesome because you can use the D-pad to move or you can use the analog to move by pressing the middle button to change the configuration. Also has a Turbo button which is perfect for games where you have to repeatedly tap a button. Instead of repeatedly tapping A, you can just use the turbo button and hold A. It also works for games like COD so you can shoot faster so that’s pretty cool!!

The 2183 controller uses the standard Xbox 360 battery pack. I even interchanged with my regular Xbox 360 controller battery pack and it worked perfectly!!

The 2185 doesn’t have a turbo button but it is still an awesome controller. It has a glossy finish, which some people may think it looks cheap, but it definitely brings out the colors of the buttons and makes the controller look brand new all the time. The 2185 has a built-in battery that you can recharge and that is a BIG plus because you don’t have to use batteries. You can also use it as a regular wired controller so that dual-capability is pretty cool. The controller comes with a regular USB to micro USB cable and the controller is charged with a Micro USB cable.

The only downside for these controllers is that the instruction manual is in Chinese, so it might be kind of difficult if you want to know the specifics of the controllers, but I didn’t really use the instruction manuals because the controllers didn’t really require any set-up.

Also, just a forewarning, these controllers don’t work with Xbox 360. I tried. It also says that in the description, but it would have been a major plus. Betop has other controllers that work on Xbox 360 and PC.

However, all in all, great controllers overall!Very satisfied!!

* I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review of the product


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