Coosh Bluetooth 4.0 Extended Range Headphones Review

Overall: These bluetooth headphones are pretty cool. They’re durable, comfortable, have great sound,and perfect for an everyday headphones, but can’t be used with the Xbox 360 headphones.


Great Sound: These have good, quality sound. Great for music, phone calls, and all other needs. They also have good pretty good bass.

Bluetooth extended range- This works with all of my bluetooth devices and also has extended range.

Comfortable- The ear cushions are pretty comfortable and the headphone band also has some cushion on the top so it doesn’t squeeze your head.

Battery life- Up to 15 hours of operating time which is definitely pretty awesome!

Convenient Buttons.

Can also be used as a regular headphones because this comes with a regular auxiliary cord and the charging cord.

Carrying Case is super durable and make it perfect for travel!

Comes with a microphone perfect for calls and listening to music while you are taking your walk.


Can’t be used with Xbox 360 without external cords. This would’ve been a perfect gaming headset, but Xbox 360 doesn’t have bluetooth so that sucks.

*I received this in exchange for an honest review of this product.


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