Bellafab Skincare Matrixyl 3000 Serum Review

This serum is a great anti-aging serum! This is actually very different from every other serum that I have taken because it is just like a cream that you apply to your face! So this is very easy to apply and is quickly absorbed by my skin. I actually like the cream version of the serum rather than the liquid version that most other serums are because they are easier to apply and the nozzle is just soo much better!

This serum also has some quality and proven ingredients such as the hyaluronic acid and vitamin C which are perfect ingredients for a serum! This cream has definitely helped me wake up with a much brighter complex and a more attentive looking face even when I am sleep deprived! This serum is great for wrinkles, discoloration, and just  The serum is a good size of 1oz/30mL. I definitely recommend this serum!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review


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