COD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Xbox 360: What is the hype about?

In this review, I’m only going to be talking about the multiplayer aspect of Advanced Warfare on the Xbox 360 version which is probably a drastic difference than on the Xbox One or the PS4, but probably the same on PS3.


  • New Gameplay style- They made some major (relative) changes to the gameplay style of the other COD’s. Instead of just adding new weapons and killstreaks and stamping it as a “new” COD, they actually added Exo abilities which are extremely similar to abilities found in Halo, Titanfall, and Destiny.
  • New stuff- Weapons, Killstreaks, maps, the same twist they always put on ‘new’ CODs
  • New Reward System- They changed to a WoW or Destiny style reward system where you are awarded loot and not just the linear unlocking weapons system that most COD’s have or the coin unlock thing that Black Ops has. You are given random supply drops which contain random items of different rarity.


  • Choppy Game Mechanics- It is just not as smooth as gameplay as the old COD’s or even other comparable games such as Destiny, Titanfall, or Halo. You shoot at people and it doesn’t register. The abilities are very choppy. The jetpack is like a glitchy teleport. The gameplay is the most similar to COD: World at War which was one of the most terrible CODs (some people liked it so that’s up to your preference)
  • Weapons- The weapons suck, they only have a small amount of weapons that everyone uses, but the majority of the weapons are terrible.
  • Graphics- The graphics are only good on newer game consoles, but on the 360, they are trash compared to other games and the previous CODs.

Verdict: COD: Advanced Warfare is not the “Best COD ever”. I am a COD fanatic and have played all of the CODs and I bought this game expecting the best after playing games like Titanfall, Destiny, and Halo which all have similar abilities and similar rewards systems and was super excited to see COD adopting these methods. However, it turns out to be a failed attempt at such mimicking. Destiny has much smoother multiplayer gameplay, much more smoother implementation of cool abilities, and a much better multiplayer experience. This also goes the same for Halo and Titanfall compared to Advanced Warfare. The exo abilities are pretty cool, however, nobody really utilizes them in multiplayer besides the jetpack jumps, but this all leads to choppy mechanics and not smooth gameplay as demanded in a competitive multiplayer environment.


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