Electron by Maxboost Review

I received this product for free with the VIPU Reviewer program!

This is actually my first time ever having a portable charger so I don’t really have any base experience with them. However, this product is pretty cool. This charger uses a mini-USB input as a charger which uses a USB connector (so you can use your regular iPhone wall charger to charge the portable charger). The output is a USB output so you can charge anything that uses a USB to charge.


  • 5600 mAh – To a non-techie, this may just seem like numbers, but compare this to an iPhone 4S’s battery of a little over 1450 mAh. This means that you could charge the iPhone 4S at least 3 times from 0% just from one full charge of this portable charger. Pretty neat!
  • Compact/Convenient- Definitely fits in any of my pockets. It also has a built in flashlight so you can use it in the dark or in the night when you can’t find where the input goes in or your USB doesn’t go in/
  • I think it charges the same speed as a regular outlet.
  • Versatility- You can charge anything that uses a USB for an input. So I basically just charge controllers, phones, mp3’s, etc.


  • You can’t charge the portable charger while charging the iPhone 4S. That is the only suggestion I could give for improvement because it would be cool to charge the battery case while charging your phone.


I think that this is a really neat portable charger and you can use it for almost anything! Definitely worthwhile and I will definitely use it a lot. I basically just charge it once, leave it in the car, and then when I go to any event and my phone charger is low, then I can just put both my phone and this portable charger in my pocket and charge without having to need a wall outlet. Pretty convenient! Perfect if you go camping or somewhere where you don’t want to carry a charger or where there is no electricity. Flashlight it pretty handy when I can’t see the inputs/outputs when I put the wire in at night or in the car. The only suggestion I would give is that it would be cool to charge the portable charger while charging your phone.


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