iPhone 5/5S/5C Defender Battery Case Review

Maxboost Defender Battery Case

This case is pretty awesome!! I received it for free from the VIPU program!

It is a battery case that extends the battery of the iPhone 5. It comes with a charger for the case (the case uses a mini-USB to charge which is easier to find than the iPhone 5 charger). So you can basically charge the case with the charger that it gives you the same way you charge the iPhone 5. Then, once the case is charged, you can charge the phone through the case. You could also take the case off (pretty easy to do), and charge the phone separately (whatever floats your boat).

Some people (like my brother) complains that you now need to carry around two charging cables (the mini USB for the case and the lightning cable for the iPhone 5) which is such a hassle, but you really don’t. You could just carry around the mini-USB charger cable to charge the case, because the case charges the iPhone.

The case also does about two full charges for the iPhone, which is awesome because I can now just charge once for one and a half day-two days. I think the charge takes about the same time as it should, so no problems with that. I have basically no problems with the case, it does what it’s supposed to do. You just hold down the power button to charge the case, and presto!, it’s charging.

The case does a great job in defending the case because it has raised edges all around the case, protecting the glass and the backs if the phone ever falls. I don’t know what anybody else would want from a battery case, it works well and protects the case.

The audio port might be a little too small for some audio jacks, but luckily, the case comes with a cable that fixes that problem πŸ˜€ so awesome that they actually thought of that!!! I recommend this product forsure πŸ˜€ No regrets! This product is actually the same as the Atomic S battery case, but an older version so the atomic S is better because it comes with a kickstand! And best part, if you have any problems, they have great customer service!


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